Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Miracle Drug

I decided it would be best for me to start this blog off with something that I love; Marijuana. This is a risky topic because I don't want to promote this blog as a sanctuary for stoners. Never-the-less, I think it is a topic which needs to be discussed. I spend probably half, if not more, of the time that I am awake under the influence. On days when I do not have to attend classes, I am usually up and getting stoned by ten o'clock. Being someone with above average intelligence, I have confused a lot of people in choosing this lifestyle. I spend my days in an altered state of consciousness instead of trying to better myself or the world. Call me cynical or selfish, either way this lifestyle has led to more happiness and joy than I imagined possible. Decreased aggression, increased appetite, and night after night I sleep like a baby. What more could you ask for in such a simple drug that is completely natural? And what are the negative side effects? I have had no noticeable degradation of my lungs or breathing. There have been points when I feel lazy, but what you do while high is all in your state of mind. The two major, if they can be called so, downsides are the short-term memory loss and the possible weight gain. While sober my short-term memory functions at almost full-capacity, only while under the influence do I notice problems with remembering. But at times this can be severe; forgetting where you are in the middle of a conversation, or not being able to remember if you have even eaten. Society, and humanity, would be much better off if they embraced this drug rather than shunning it.